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Graham In August 2020, Bryan Donahue (Homicide, Painkiller, Iron Fist, Running Free, Overdose, Damage) and I formed the classic rock cover band Leather Pants Fund and began performing in front of the SAQ at Sherbrooke and Hingston in N.D.G. Our goal is to reach back to the time when rock 'n roll was young and deliver that spirit to your ears at a time when we believe you need it more than ever. We were overjoyed to receive a warm welcome from the coolest neighbourhood in Montreal. Your generous contributions were encouraging enough that we decided to double-down. This summer, we are unleashing on you three times as many songs as last year and fall, rendered in electric perfection.

We have been trying lots of locations around NDG and beyond. We have been learning a great deal, and we are working hard to improve and expand our performance while keeping from wearing out our welcome. Now that bars are opening up, we are considering going to the next level.

Thank you for the support and positive vibrations!

The Rolling Stones - Iggy Pop - Alice Cooper - The Doors
The Beatles - The Animals - The Troggs - The Kingsmen
Jimi Hendrix - Steppenwolf - Jefferson Airplane - Cream
KISS - The New York Dolls - Collective Soul - Blur
The Clash - Green Day - The Ramones

Song List 2021/July/11

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LPF Photos
Graham Music Bicycles