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Graham In the autumn of 2019, I pulled out the steel string acoustic guitar my mom bought for me at the turn of the century. My goal: to learn how to play it right so I can sing songs. I bought an electric guitar and teamed up with an experienced rock/punk/metal guitarist who gave me some tips and introduced me to music I had neglected to explore. We started busking and by and large had a great time. I bought a 50-watt portable amplifier so we could rock out anywhere. I am still committed to street performance since it is such a great way to practice and the sense of freedom it generates is delicious. I appreciate the money as it helps defray costs and represents encouragement. Busking is also a stepping-stone halfway between playing in your bedroom and playing gigs, which I hope to do for the first time in 2022.

I am looking for musicians to join me in friendship and in new musical projects. I know several classic rock standards. I like free-form jamming too. I have wide-ranging musical tastes from folk to punk. I like it loud and plugged-in. These days, I am gravitating towards bands like The Cramps, mixing old-school rockabilly with other genres like punk. My voice is a bass extending down into the baritone range. I think I sound the best when I sing at the high end of my range because there I can really project. I write lyrics and my songs tend to revolve around themes of love and protest. My priority is to find a bassist and a drummer. A bassist can plug into my portable amp at the same time as me and I bet it will sound fine since the instruments generate different frequencies. Another guitarist would be great too since we could compare notes on technique and maybe do some harmonised solos. You can never have too many capable vocalists.

In the meantime, I will be playing alone. I have a looper pedal and I can even get a passable bass sound out of my guitar with my octave and distortion pedals. I will be playing in the metro until better weather comes. I will be looking to play near sports stadiums during games, and I am considering installing myself in the park on Sunday afternoons. I am also thinking of combining my love of sunbathing with my love of music: I have a bike trailer which could carry a couple instruments and amplifiers and I think I could find a spot by the fringes of the city where the sun shines and nobody lives close enough to be irritated.

Pretty soon I will post some recordings for you! If you take a video of me, can you please let me see?