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Graham In the autumn of 2019, I pulled out the steel string acoustic guitar my mom bought for me at the turn of the century. My goal: to learn how to play it right so I can sing songs. I bought an electric guitar and teamed up with an experienced rock/punk/metal guitarist who gave me some tips and introduced me to music I had neglected to explore. We started busking and by and large had a great time. I bought a 50-watt portable amplifier so we could rock out anywhere.

I love a blaring, energetic, distorted punk electric guitar sound. I mostly play rhythm while I sing the lead vocals, but I can solo and get a little fancy too. Having moved to Nova Scotia, I am considering how to pursue projects in several directions: original punk band (have enough songs for an album), classic rock covers, Celtic punk, Cramps cover band, more street performance. We'll see!